The bitcoin 'founder' gets to keep billions of dollars

This is the first time in history that a computer scientist who claims to have invented Bitcoin has won the right to seize a cryptocurrency database that is worth billions of dollars.

Claims that Craig Wright’s ex-business partner was wanted for half of the items were rejected by the judge. To save billions of dollars, the Bitcoin “founder” receives Craig Wright, a computer scientist who claims to have invented Bitcoin, winning the right to keep a Bitcoin hoard worth tens of billions of dollars in a highly publicized trial Monday.

Amounting to $ 54 billion (£ 40 billion), Mr. Wright will keep Bitcoin 1.1 million.

However, in the past, he had to pay a friendly agency $ 100 million for intellectual property violations. When Mr. Kleiman, a computer security expert who passed away in 2013, gathered his family, it was revealed that the two boys had worked together to create the first Bitcoin, which Mr. Wright had then taken and sold it.

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper describing the introduction of cryptocurrency. Although the claim was disputed in 2016, Mr. Wright claimed to be Nakamoto, as of 2016.

bitcoin 'founder' gets to keep billions of dollars

Was Craig Wright able to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto?

The Miami jury in the civil lawsuit against Craig Wright found him guilty on nearly all of the issues brought up by the Kleiman family. Lawyers for his former partner’s agency, W&Okay research on statistics protection, and Kleiman’s estate released a statement saying they were “immensely gratified” that the jury was able to present the $100 million in top-quality property rights. Additionally, they contribute to Kleiman’s “honest proportion of what Dave helped create.”

In his defense, Mr. Wright argued that the court’s ruling that he was the original inventor of the groundbreaking digital asset proved this. “The jury has glaringly observed that I’m because there might not have been an award otherwise,” he said. It was a “wonderful well-done result,” Mr. Wright said.

It is claimed that David Kleiman and Craig Wright worked together on projects, but their partnership had nothing to do with the creation of Bitcoin or its early operation. He’s already said that if he wins the case, he plans to donate a large portion of his Bitcoin fortune to charity.

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