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Latest ECP Jobs 202, Political Decision Commission of Pakistan Political Decision Commission of Pakistan is an autonomous body that collects, administers, and guides independent, fair, and just political decisions. It was created under the Constitution of Pakistan, 197, the commission has the power to delimit constituencies, divide them into zones, and combine them or separate them into wards.

The commission, as well as the posts of the ECP, are made up of a director or a head of central political decision-making by various persons, as the President may decide (Section 173). In October 2017, the High Court of Pakistan made another endorsement. 2018 race. After consulting with more than twenty stakeholders, including legal advisors, legislators, and civil society activists, the court agreed to the postponement.

The Political Decision Commission of Pakistan is an independent state body created by the Constitution of Pakistan and functions as an independent foundation. The mission of the Political Decision Commission of Pakistan is to guarantee that the majority rule system is recognized by fair and free races in a fair, impartial, and impartial manner.

The Political Decision Commission of Pakistan Professional (ECP Jobs) is a long-standing and public commission responsible for directing races in Pakistan and settling the legality of voting forms of every citizen. The ECP is headed by a retired general of Pakistan’s armed forces, Broad Fakhruddin Ji Ibrahim, who is the primary non-Muslim to stand firm on the situation at any given time. General Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, retired General of Pakistan Armed Forces.

ECP Jobs Details:

The Political Race Commission of Pakistan is an independent and independent body that conducts the political race process in the country. It is made up of a key political decision-making official, who is nominated by the leader of Pakistan, and two heads of political lineage who are selected by the government’s Parliamentary Advisory Group of Parliament. The Political Race Commission of Pakistan is an independent, autonomous, and naturally constituted body. Initially, the body was the responsibility of the CEO of Pakistan.

Today the commission is a three-part body, whose members are nominated by the leader of Pakistan. ECP jobs are responsible for directing, managing, and observing all races for public and general councils as well as mandates. The commission sets rules and regulations, including ballot eligibility provisions, applicant requirements, cross-examination guidelines, and the democratic framework.

The Constitution of Pakistan similarly empowers the Commission to ensure that fair races are held. The Commission’s mandate includes distribution of electoral rolls, specification of voters, and delimitation of their boundaries, creation of a complete citizenry.

Political Race Commission of Pakistan ECP (Political Race Commission of Pakistan) is an established body and is responsible for safeguarding the standards of majority rule, fairness, and equality. In Pakistan (a country with a parliamentary framework), the ECP jobs are made up of a Central Political Decision Officer (ECP Jobs) and four general political decision-making heads. The ECP’s job competencies are: Formulating strategies and rules for leading races Monitoring the interaction of constituencies and settling debates to ensure that the democratic era is guided by Returning Officials, Managing Officials, etc. The survey is carried out in accordance with the regulations recommended by the surveying staff and surveying experts.

The Political Race Commission of Pakistan (ECP Jobs), not related in any way to the Awami Jamaat or the Senate of Pakistan, is a joint body tasked with directing, managing, and monitoring constituencies in Pakistan. Created by a demonstration of Parliament in 1956, the ECP was under the Service of Regulation and Equity but currently operates as an independent regulatory unit answerable to Parliament with a nine-part Commission. The commission is named for five years. The Central Political Race Magistrate is nominated by the Leader of Pakistan, and individuals are nominated after conferences with the Main Equity of Pakistan.

Political Race Commission of Pakistan Careers Political Race Commission of Pakistan is trying to fill various positions for the upcoming political decision. The Political Decision Commission of Pakistan is recruiting professional Political decisions Commission of Pakistan and as the nation is facing its biggest race ever, open spaces are accessible for individuals who are familiar with discretionary interaction and want fair treatment. And vote-based bailouts need help. A political decision for all residents.

The EC is constituted as an independent and non-communal body and is responsible for implementing collective decisions, giving collective mandates and mandates in a manner that guarantees.

Latest ECP Jobs 202 – Election Commission of Pakistan Jobs Opportunity


  • Assistant
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Junior Assistant
  • Supervisor

How to Apply for ECP Jobs 2022?

Interested up and comers should submit the application form along with the required archives at the given place before the last date.
Is TA/DA admissible in these posts?
TA/DA will not be allowed for tests and interviews.
Who will be called for the test/interview?
Only short recorded up-and-comers will be called for interview.
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Applications received after the last date will not be processed.
What is the standard of government employees?
Government representatives should apply through the proper channel


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