Latest PARC Jobs 2022 – Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Jobs Opportunity

Latest PARC Jobs 2022: The Pakistan Agrarian Exploration Committee (PARC Jobs) is responsible for the Service of Public Food Security and Exploration (PARC Jobs) and is one of the leading research organizations in Pakistan.

It is the most important agricultural research association in Pakistan, and its scope includes research not only on grains but also on vegetables, natural products, search crops, and restorative and fragrant yields.

The Pakistan Agrarian Exploration Committee is an independent examination group that tends to the requirements of Pakistan’s rural areas in terms of exploration. It is a sub-division that is attached to the Public Food Security and Exploration Service. Islamabad is the location of the new settlement. The quill of a plume and five seeds are incorporated into the logo of the Pakistan Farming Exploration Committee, which stands for PARC Jobs. These five seeds stand for the five most important crops that are harvested in Pakistan: cotton, rice, wheat, sugarcane, and maize.

The Pakistan Agrarian Exploration Board, often known as PARC or the Pakistan Horticultural Exploration Chamber, is the primary agricultural testing organization in the nation. The city of Multan in Pakistan serves as its main staging area. In 1947, it was designed to facilitate rural exploration in what was then known as West Pakistan (present-day Pakistan).

The Public Authority of Pakistan delegated authority to PARC in the middle of 1959, allowing PARC to define its own exploration boundaries, figure out its own examination plans, and carry out its own examination without any oversight from the public authority. This is possibly the event that represents the most significant advancement in PARC’s collection of experiences.

In 1978, the Public authority of Pakistan established the Pakistan Agrarian Exploration Committee Occupations with the purpose of advancing farming examination throughout the country. The Chamber functions as the primary organization for achieving the stated objectives of the Service of Food, Agribusiness, and Domesticated animals (PARC Jobs), and it does so under a broad contract that enables it to try to study in the vast field of horticulture.

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The Pakistan Horticultural Exploration Committee was established in 1959 with the intention of making significant contributions to the development of Pakistan’s rural scientific communities. The board is widely regarded as the most influential agricultural research organization in Asia.

Latest PARC Jobs 2022 – Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Jobs Opportunity

Chances for employment all around Pakistan may be found through the Pakistan Agrarian Exploration Committee (PARC Jobs). These opportunities include the exploration of official jobs. The contestants will be selected in preparation for a meeting. It has been said that the rising stars need to be there at the meeting at the hour that it is scheduled to begin, together with Unique and a Bunch of Republish of each and every essential report.

Qualification Conditions: Latest PARC Jobs 2022 

  • Applications that are incomplete in any way or those received after the due date will not be considered.
  • PARC has the right to keep or abandon the complete recruitment procedure at any time, and rising stars will be held to the expectation that they will present all unique reports at the time of their interviews.
  • stage without providing any kind of justification for their actions.
  • Newcomers who have recently been shortlisted for consideration in the meeting choice cycle will be welcomed.
  • During the meeting and decision-making process, no TA or DA will be allowed at any time. Online
  • Send your applications to


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