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  • Ethereum-compliant Layer 1 chain Fantom has over $8 billion in Defi procedures.
  • There are several decentralized exchanges and farming protocols in the Defi ecosystem, which is thriving.
  • There are several highly anticipated launches coming up for Defi on Fantom. It appears that the company is ready to move forward with its expansion plans.
  • A Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake connection, Fantom offers lower deal prices and faster deal completion. Since launching in 2019, Fantom has built a solid Defi ecosystem that includes both Ethereum-based and non-
  • Ethereum-based applications.

Where Can I Find Out More About Fantom?

Alternative Layer 1 blockchains like Fantom are becoming increasingly popular in the year 2021. The network has attracted a large number of users and developers who were previously priced out of Ethereum by its high gas fees. Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) are used by the Fantom base chain to reach consensus. As a result of this, an additional implementation layer, known as Fantom Opera, is protected. Fantom Opera is now the most commonly used term to describe Fantom and the place where the blockchain’s Defi community gathers. The Ethereum Virtual Maker is compatible with Opera, which is an improved version of Fantom for the initial execution layer. Designers can now create, deploy, and run solidity-based smart contracts on Fantom in the same way they can on Ethereum. Because of Fantom’s compatibility with Ethereum, developers have been able to quickly migrate their applications from Ethereum to Fantom with minimal changes to the underlying code. Fantom’s Proof-of-Stake validation system is similar to other Layer 1 blockchains. Individuals can earn benefits with just one FTM, so there is no minimum risk requirement. Even so, those who are only laying a small number of tokens must entrust them to a validator node. 500,000 FTM is the current lowest acceptable risk for running a node. Due to its Lachesis consensus algorithm, the Fantom recognition device is fast and leaderless. A network-wide consensus is used by Fantom rather than a single validator to determine which deals are valid in each block. Instead of relying on validators with the most symbols to handle most transactions, as with other Proof-of-Stake chains like Solana and Avalanche, the majority of deal processing is now handled by validators without leaders. When validators join an agreement procedure, they all play an equal role in increasing Fantom’s decentralization and, therefore, safety.

Fantom can also be accessed via Ethereum-compatible Web3 wallets like MetaMask, thanks to its compatibility with Ethereum. To connect to Fantom, simply add the Fantom Opera network to MetaMask.

Fantom’s Decentralized Exchanges

There are currently two prominent decentralized exchanges for Fantom, which allow users to trade properties and provide liquidity. SpookySwap is the most popular of the two. At the time of writing, it’s the most valuable native Defi protocol on Fantom, with a total value of more than $1 billion secured.

You can get a sense of the network’s Defi ecosystem right away thanks to SpookySwap’s clean and straightforward interface. Individuals choose the assets they want to swap and the quantity they want to swap before making a trade, much like other automatic market makers. The SpookySwap trading interface provides useful information, such as possible slippage, cost impact, and also charges, before sending trades. Customers with higher levels of expertise have the option of creating property set limitation orders as well. By providing liquidity to SpookySwap’s swimming pools, users can obtain the BOO token and lower trading costs.
Swaps payout 0.03 percent of fees to BOO takers, meaning that as the task on the method increases, the number of benefits paid out also increases in proportion. Even so, SpookySwap is more than just a trading site. Multichain’s Fantom bridge is seamlessly integrated into the system’s user interface, making it easy to use. People can now send and receive assets between Fantom and various other Ethereum-compatible Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, including Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Avalanche using the bridge. SpiritSwap, Fantom’s second-largest exchange, has integrated Multichain’s Fantom bridge and offers similar functionality to SpookySwap. However, SpritSwap’s inSPIRIT token system is its most important technology.

Suppliers of liquidity who earn the native SPIRIT token of the exchange can both secure it and receive inSPIRIT tokens. Like SpookySwap’s BOO token, inSPIRIT owners receive a portion of the exchange’s costs. Moreover, they can choose which liquidity pools receive a higher rate of interest.

The vesting of SPIRIT tokens (Resource: SpiritSwap).

Vesting is similar to that of Contour Money, the largest Defi protocol on Ethereum. Voting power increases proportionately with the length of time an owner keeps his or her SPIRIT tokens secure. This suggests that SPIRIT token holders are motivated to hold on to their tokens for longer periods to exert more control over which yield ranches receive enhanced returns.

Borrowing, Borrowing, Borrowing!

As a follow-up to the exchanges, Fantom’s Devi ecological community’s financing and lending platforms are essential. Geist Finance is Fantom’s most important “Defi bank.” Newcomer Geist Finance was launched in October 2021, but it has already gained some traction in Fantom’s Defi market. For this reason, it is now Fantom’s third-largest method, and also it functions similarly to the Ethereum-native financing procedures Compound and Aave as well.

As a result of its token, GEIST, Geist has been able to maintain attractive returns for its customers. The three-month vesting period on all GEIST symbols earned by Geist is different from other methods that allow liquidity miners to sell their token rewards right away. Owners begin receiving a portion of the protocol’s profits as if their symbols were bets during this period. Within the three-month vesting period, tokens can be withdrawn, but owners will forfeit 50% of the total symbols they have collected. GEIST tokens that have been forfeited are then given to customers who have decided to keep their tokens for the full three months.

Scream, a financing and borrowing platform, is not far behind Geist Financing. Yell is based on the popular spooky film series of the same name, and it functions just like Geist. It is possible to borrow and borrow for a wider range of assets, including stable coins like FRAX, DOLA, and TUSD through the process.

Scream’s token benefit structure is where it diverges from Geist. A new DAO will receive the remaining 30 percent of the method’s income, which is currently in the process of being updated to draw away 70 percent of all method income to token stakes. An additional fifty percent of the DAO’s funds are set aside as a safety net in case of a catastrophic event, like a token bug. One-half will be used to fund new products, create incentives, and buyback tokens, based on the votes of residents.

Tarot is the fourteenth most popular borrowing system on Fantom. Liquidity providers can borrow assets from lending institutions to use the returns generated by their positions through the leveraged yield farming provided by Tarot cards. Even though this strategy has the potential to yield large profits, it also carries the risk of losing money. Tarot yield farming was used as a tool. It came from a Tarot card.
However, Tarot allows users to transfer their possessions to other users for use through leveraged strategies if they do not want to take on the additional risk. Investors can produce attractive returns on a single asset without fearing that the market will move against them. However, if a large number of lent tokens are being used, there may be a delay in claiming your belongings. Token storage is a risk for users who may need to access their properties quickly.

Fantom: The Defi of the Future? Not so fast.

Several upcoming Fantom projects are expected to bring in a significant amount of new money into the system. Daniele Sestagalli’s Abracadabra uses a technique known as “edge box,” and it will be available in Fantom soon. Money. Customers can borrow Abracadabra’s MIM stablecoin by depositing Terra’s UST stable coin. In contrast to acquiring volatile assets, UST and MIM are both stable assets, allowing the borrowing environment to be leveraged up with less risk of liquidation. Degenbox relies on UST’s $1 peg, so if UST drops significantly below $1, Abracadabra’s leveraged positions will be liquidated. Defi users on Ethereum seem to favor the deen box strategy, despite the dangers. Stablecoin returns can range from 40% to 110%, depending on how much of the method is used. Individuals can borrow MIM against FTM tokens via Abracadabra, which has already launched on Fantom. Abracadabra may be preparing to switch to the deen box approach once Terra integrates UST with the Fantom network, but this is a widely held belief.
Andre Cronje, a well-known “Defi architect,” is working with Sestagalli on Fantom to create a new Defi protocol. Defi functions from existing protocols will be integrated into the offering, including a token vesting system similar to Curve Financing and permissionless support for protocol bribes, as popularised by Convex Finance. On Fantom, Cronje confirmed in a recent post that the new method would act as an automatic market maker for procedures, allowing them to bootstrap liquidity and easily provide token motivations for the development of a more reliable Defi ecological community on the platform. To ensure a fair start to the new protocol, the top 20 Defi tasks on Fantom with the highest total value locked will receive the first distribution. Symbols will be distributed to customers in a way that rewards the most active and engaged Defi members on the network, which will be decided by each procedure.

To date, Fantom’s token exchanges and offering systems have generated over $8 billion in revenue from more than 100 transactions. More and more developers and users are using Fantom because of its Ethereum compatibility, which has increased in its popularity. Network growth has been consistent with this trend. The total locked value of Fantom has increased by 109 percent in the last month and shows no signs of decreasing. Disclosure: They had FTM and ETH and other cryptocurrencies at the time of writing this feature. An equity stake in Crypto Briefing is held by Andre Cronje.

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